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Kyjatické hračky

I was producing toys of Kyjatice, which are unique especially for their decorations, since 2012. I obtained valuable information about the production, shapes and decoration from master Rudolf Stehlík and Anton Oboňa, who have been engaged in the production of these toys for many years. In 2016, I participated in an international competition in Poland, where I recieved an award in “the traditional toy“ category. I started the cooperation with ÚĽUV (the centre for folk art production) the same year. I regularly present my products and demonstrations of the production at number of regional events. My goal is to preserve the 150 y.o working methods of toy production from Kyjatice and present its originality in Slovakia and abroad.


What is behind it all?

Production time

Some products, such as wooden chest take 20 hours to make.


The toys are decorated with a round carving and a line cutter, these are the procedures used by the old masters from Kyjatice.

Production technology

The toys are made of beech wood. To maintain the original technological procedures, it is necessary to adhere connecting pieces without metal elements. Pickling and varnishing with ecological products are used for surface treatment.


When decorating, I use tools that I made for this purpose, similarly to every master from Kyjatice.

Production process video!




Ladislav Hedvigi
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